Downloadable Wing Chun Videos

Wing Chun Training Videos – Downloadable From Sifu Chuck O’Neill


wing chun videos downloadableWant to supercharge your Wing Chun training? Want to learn Wing Chun in the comfort of your own home from a trained, experienced teacher?

Now you can! Sifu Chuck has produced a series of instructional, step-by-step videos that you can download directly to your computer in minutes.

These videos are filmed specifically as instructional videos – to give you as close to an in-class teaching experience as possible. You’ll learn step-by-step in a simple, relaxed manner.

Sifu Chuck films from 2 different camera angles using 2 different arm band colors to make it easy for you to learn and follow along.


wing chun videos from Sifu Chuck

downloadable wing chun videos

wing chun videos download - wooden dummy

wing chun videos


And the best part is that you can download these videos directly to your computer within minutes (no waiting for your video to come in the mail!).

Once your order has been processed via our secure server you will be taken to a page with download instructions AND sent an email with download instructions as a backup. Click on the video links below to purchase right away – or visit Learn Wing Chun Online for more detailed information on each video.


Downloadable Wing Chun Instructional Videos:


Sil Lim Tao Formsil lim tao form video

The first step in your Wing Chun journey, the Sil Lim Tao form is the foundation for the system.

This video teaches you step-by-step how to master this form.

The form is filmed from 2 different angles with plenty of instructional details given to help you learn!

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Sil Lim Tao Drillssil lim tao drills video

Learn the partner drills used as part of the Sil Lim Tao training curriculum.

You will learn over 12 different drills including:

– Pak Sau Cycle – Lap Sau/Bong Sau Cycle – Crossing Hands/Trapping Hands – Reaction Pad Drills – and much more!

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chi sau 1 videoChi Sau 1 – Foundations

In this video you’ll be introduced to the basic foundation of Chi Sau through Don Chi Sau (single sticking hands) and Lok Sau (rolling hands).

You’ll also learn how to test the rolling hands structure through Tsui Ma (pushing horse). This video is great intro for new students to the foundations of Chi Sau.


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Chi Sau 2 VideoChi Sau 2 – Advanced Techniques

In this video you’ll build on what you’ve learned in Chi Sau 1. You’ll learn 8 traditional Chi Sau (or “Sticky Hands”) techniques.

This is a great video for both beginners and advanced Chi Sau students.


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chum kiu form videoChum Kiu Form

In this second form training video, you’ll learn the Second Form of the Wing Chun System – Chum Kiu (or “Searching Bridge”)

This brings the knowledge you have learned in the Sil Lim Tao Form and introduces you to Kicking, Footwork, and Power generation.

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chum kiu drills videoChum Kiu Drills

In this video,you’ll learn to apply the concepts you learned in the Chum Kiu Form This 2 video set is packed with over 2 hours and 15 minutes of instructional training.

It will help you learn counters to incoming attacks, sharpen your hand coordination for laser focused power generation and more!


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biu ji form videoBiu Jee Form

In this video, you’ll learn the third Form of the Wing Chun System – Biu Ji (or “Thrusting Finger”). From this form you’ll learn how to recover Center Line and Facing.

The form also helps you develop short range power through the use of elbow strikes.


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wooden dummy form video - wing chun

Wooden Dummy Part 1 & 2

This 2-video series takes you step by step through the complex Wooden Dummy form.

You get multiple angles – including close-ups on the footwork – and color coded wooden dummy arms to make it easier to learn.

You’ll also get the rarely seen “Empty Dummy” form – so you can learn this form even without a dummy! This is guaranteed to be the clearest, easiest-to-learn Wooden Dummy instructional video series you’ve ever seen!

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For more detailed information on each video, visit this website. If you have any questions on your video download fill out this Contact-Us form.




Commonly Asked Questions:


How long are the videos?

The videos range from 60 minutes to over 80 minutes of instructional training. There is an easy menu function on each video that lets you jump to different sections of the video easily without having to go through each video every time you play it.


How long will the videos take to download?

Most individual videos take about 6 – 15 minutes to download depending on the speed of your computer


How do I download the video?

Once your payment has been processed via our secure server, you’ll be taken automatically to a download page with detailed instructions on how to download your video. We use a professional video downloading storage company that offers secure, private video downloads.

You’ll also be sent an email with download instructions as a backup should you accidentally close the download instruction page after ordering. If you still have questions you can email us with your order number and we’ll help walk you through it.


How do I play the videos?

All videos are in an MP4 format, and can be played on your computer using any MP4 compatible player like Apple QuickTime (which you can download for free here) or Realplayer.


Can I play the videos on my iPod or iTouch?

Yes! You can also play these videos on your iPod, iTouch or iPad (Note that you’ll need to download the video to your computer first and then use the iTunes program to transfer it onto your chosen device.) This is a great option for busy people who want to train on the go! Here are some shots of what the video looks like on my iPod screen:










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