Wing Chun Code of Conduct

The following is our code of conduct that we encourage and promote to our students:


  • Practice courtesy and righteousness – Serve the society and respect your elders.
  • Love your fellow students – Be united and avoid conflicts.
  • Limit your desires and pursuit of bodily pleasures – Preserve the proper spirit.
  • Train diligently – Maintain your skills.
  • Learn to develop spiritual tranquility – Abstain from arguments and fights.
  • Participate in society – Be moderate and gentle in your manners.
  • Help the weak and the very young – Use martial skills for the good of humanity.
  • Remain disciplined – Conduct yourself ethically as a martial artist.
  • Pass on the tradition – Preserve this Chinese art and rules of conduct.


We believe that Wing Chun is an ‘Intelligent’ martial art. As such, Revolution Wing Chun Kung Fu focuses first and foremost on the study and understanding of Ving Tsun Gung Fu as an art. As a result a student will develop skills that they can use in everyday life along with effective self-defense.

At Revolution, our hope is not only to pass on the skills of the Chinese Martial art of Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) and Chinese culture, but to encourage people to be helpful contributors to our society.

For more information on training at Revolution Wing Chun see our page on Wing Chun Classes