Wing Chun Benefits

6 Main Benefits of Taking Wing Chun Classes

by Sifu Chuck O’Neill


wng chun benefitsThinking about taking Wing Chun but not sure if it’s right for you?

Wing Chun has some incredible benefits for the students – even several that most people don’ know about (until they start training).

Here are some of the main ways you’ll benefit from training in Wing Chun:


#1 Easier To Learn

Because it has fewer forms – and emphasizes simplicity – Wing Chun is easier to learn than many other martial arts.

Don’t get me wrong, it still takes time to learn the full system effectively.

However you don’t need to spend years training in order to be ready to use it in a self defense situation. I’ve seen students use Wing Chun to defend themselves successfully after less than a month of training in our classes!


#2 Anyone Can Learn It

Unlike other martial arts like Muay Thai for example that rely a lot on the brute strength of youth, Wing Chun is not just a “young man’s” martial art. It can be learned and used effectively by anyone regardless of age or gender.

Because it relies more on proper body structures and efficiency of motion, you also do not have to be in top physical shape to learn or use Wing Chun (although you will get in much better shape from training in it!)


#3 It Can Grow With You

wing chun benefitsAgain, because Wing Chun emphasizes proper body structure and mechanics (vs brute force or strength), you will actually get BETTER in your Wing Chun skills as you get older and continue training.

It is a martial art that will grow with you. The more experience you have with it, the better you get.

I’ve seen a 70 year old Wing Chun instructor easily take down a 20 year old “muscle-head” in seconds with Wing Chun. Why? Because you can’t fight the laws of physics, which is what the Wing Chun principles are based upon.


#4 It’s Logical and Based on Scientific Principles

A lot of people don’t like the ‘spooky’ or new-age stuff that some martial arts teach. I agree – if something works, I want to know why.

I want to know that it’s based on reliable scientific fact that will work over and over again – not “magical thinking”. With Wing Chun you don’t get the magical thinking that some arts have (at least with most teachers).


benefits of Wing Chun


Wing Chun is an art that is logical and based on the scientific principles of body mechanics and physics. Students like the fact that it seems logical to them and they can understand why it works. Because if you understand why something works, it’s easier to learn, easier to train and easier to remember.


#5 It Gets the Job Done Fast

wing chun beneitsIn an attack situation, you don’t want to play around. You want to dispatch an attacker as quickly as possible, with as little effort as possible.

While flowery techniques and what I call “Movie-Fu” may look cool – these things will usually get you killed in a real life attack situation.

Wing Chun is ideal for real life self defense as it emphasizes disabling an attacker in the quickest possible way – using the least amount of energy. Quick.

Efficient. Deadly effective – that’s Wing Chun.


#6 It Gives You Incredible Health Benefits

Training in Wing Chun can help you with everything from weight loss to improved energy to stress relief. It also helps you with better coordination and fine motor movements.

wing chun benefitsSince there is also a mental toughness component to the art, it also helps you with discipline and mental strength as well.

This discipline and mental toughness is something you can then use in every situation in your life – not just your training.

This is why Wing Chun is truly an “intelligent” martial art – it’s effective, fast, based on proven principles of physics, and trains the student physical, emotionally and mentally.

If you’re looking for a self defense system that will also help you get in fantastic shape, you really can’t go wrong with Wing Chun!
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