Revolution Wing Chun in the Toronto Area

About Revolution Wing Chun:

Revolution Wing Chun offers Wing Chun classes for beginners to experienced students, 14 years and older, around the Toronto area including Markham, Mississauga and Kitchener-Waterloo.

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Sifu Chuck O'Neill - Revolution Wing ChunThe school was founded in 2006 by Sifu Chuck ONeill – a 3rd generation of Ip Man and creator of the Wing Chun Instructional DVD (and downloadable video series) at and at Amazon here.

In 2018, Sifu Chuck moved to Europe and intends on promoting Wing Chun on the Island of Malta.

Sifu Chuck proudly transferred the responsibility of promoting Revolution Wing Chun in North America to his senior instructor, Sifu Brandon Schlueter-Cat in 2018.

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Why Revolution Wing Chun?

wing chun toronto, OntarioIn 2011, we changed our name from the Canadian Wing Chun Fellowship to Revolution Wing Chun as we felt it more accurately reflected what we offer our students.

Why “Revolution”?

Because we do not believe in simply accepting and passing on the principles of Wing Chun Kung Fu passively.

While we respect and learn from the proven traditions of the past, we also believe in testing our skills and techniques to ensure they are adequate for today’s real-world environment.

revolution wing chun torontoRevolution is about fighting against our own mediocrity and choosing to pursue excellence in everything we do (including martial arts).

Revolution is about being fluid in our training – open to change in training methods and seeking optimal methods of improvements.

Revolution is about respecting traditions but not simply accepting them at face value.

We believe in exploring them and investigating for ourselves to see if they work. By doing this we become stronger, more confident and truly developed as martial artists.

Oh yes, and Revolution is also about having fun while we do this!


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How Do We Do This?

We explore Wing chun across 2 different family lines (Ip Man-Moy-Yat and Wong Shun Leung)  to study how to optimally work the Wing Chun principles and theories in real life application.

This enhances students understanding of the art, rather than just studying one line alone. (This is not something offered in most Wing Chun schools as Sifu Chuck has trained in the two different lines.)

Sifu Chuck with Sifu Gary Lam
Sifu Chuck ONeill with Sifu Gary Lam

We also draw upon Sifu Chuck’s experience as a close quarters protection specialist (former bodyguard through the International Training Commission), PPCT defensive tactics instructor (Pressure Point Tactics) and World War 2 Combatives training to further round out our self defense training.

Basically we’re all about testing and teaching what REALLY works in a fight scenario – not what looks good on a movie screen (but will get you killed in real life).

We also explore the cultural aspect of martial arts with special trips, seminars and social events.


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wing chun classes - what do you getWhat Do You Get When You Take Wing Chun Classes With Revolution?


When you join Revolution Wing Chun, you get weekly training classes – but you also get so much more. Your membership includes:


  • Private members-only online area with tips, drills, e-books, videos and curriculum notes to help you progress faster and gain a more well-rounded understanding of Wing Chun
  • Special discounts on Sifu Chuck’s instructional DVDs so that you can learn from home on your own time
  • 50% off private one-on-one training sessions with Sifu Chuck to progress faster in your training
  • Discount rates on pay-as-you-go classes
  • Priority Access to Special Guest Seminars and Weekend Training Camps.
  • Free Membership to our Instructor’s Training program (for those students who are interested in eventually starting their own Wing Chun school). This includes teaching experience at Revolution Wing Chun, listing on our Instructors page and specialized training in business, marketing, class and curriculum development.
  • Student-Only Discounts on Wing Chun Training Equipment and Supplies

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This is all to help you in your personal journey of understanding and learning the art of Wing Chun. Everyone learns at a different pace and in their own optimal way – which is why we offer many different options. So you can do as much – or as little – as you prefer.

If you’re interested in trying a Free Class at Revolution Wing Chun Toronto – or if you just have general questions – feel free to email us at our Contact Us page here.